Birds twittering foto

I started using Twitter a couple of weeks ago, with the primary intention to synchronise my status messages on all the networks I’m a member of.

After two weeks, I realized people use Twitter to communicate (= ask questions and give answers).

And some are really good : Just look at a recent question about knowledge management maturity models.

Stan Garfield answered with a link to this presentation. V.P. Kochikar describes 5 levels of knowledge management maturity.

What I really like is the baseline of each level … :

Level 1 : “Knowledge, we’ve got plenty of – what we need is to work hard!”

Level 2 : “We need to leverage all our knowledge, but we’re too busy to do that”

Level 3 : “At least we’ve made a beginning in managing our knowledge”

Level 4 : “We’ve reached where we are by managing our knowledge well, and we intend to keep it that way”

Level 5 : “We’re sharing knowledge across the organization, and are proud of it”

Sounds familiar ??

Picture : David James Campbell

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