How many networks are you in ?

Having friends and knowing people is a basic social activity (probably a basic human need !).
It is a very natural process, and without consciously realizing it, we join groups, connect to people … we network.
Most of these networks are informal and invisible, some are deliberate (ex business clubs)
But the internet is changing this or … is adding to this. Today, you need to use internet tools for your networking.
These are the online networks where you can find me :

LinkedIn (

75 connections – I manage 2 groups here : SuperCop – Exbev, and I am a member of 11 groups
My personal favourite, and a reco if you want to start using these online social tools. 
It is very straightforward : create a profile with your personal information, search for people you know and make a connection
Downside is that it is rather static : not much interaction. 
Can be troublesome to find and connect to someone you know if you do not have a mutual connection.
The only place where I keep my official profile fully updated.

Ecademy ( )
8 connections … but growing 😉
I recently joined this network.
Ecademy is a business network, stimulating business interactions between it’s members.
Local ‘chapters’ organize regular face-to-face meetings.  This encourages connecting with ‘new’ people and enhances trust building.
9 connections
Similar to Ecademy, but less local activity here, a lot more activity in Germany.
I get a lot of job offers matching my profile (mostly in Germany) and found a friend I lost a couple of years ago.
Facebook (
5 connections (friends) … you get the picture
Probably the most famous networking tool around.  Very informal.  Not very usefull for me personally.
 I think the greatest benefit of Facebook is that it educates people in using online social tools.
Plaxo (
26 connections
Somewhere between the serious LinkedIn and the informal Facebook.
Has a great news page of all the changes all the people in your network have made, including their blogposts.
Easy to connect and send messages across.
I do not use this network actively.  I have a lot of open connections here, mostly doubles from other networks … and since I do not like double work.
Hope to see you somewhere and … let’s connect  Glimlach

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