Using the correct tool

When introducing a knowledge management project, it is important to select the correct tool for each issue which needs to be resolved.  This will be highly context specific, related to the specific needs of the company/department.

A few examples :

Use a document management system to manage (edit, approve, distribute) high amounts of documents. 

Use a wiki for the collaborative editing of structured information. 

Use a community of practice to connect a group of practice experts to exchange and create knowledge relevant to their practice.

Use a forum for capturing the question-answer interaction between experts and novices.

A weblog can be used for the social reflection by a group of experts on a specific topic, but also as a powerfull knowledge sharing tool, an easy project status communication tool, a profile/expertise builder.

Social tagging is ideally suited for the exploration and structuring of an unknown expertise area. 

Use after action reviews to formalize the social learning process of a team, when they mainly learn from themselves, during the execution of their project activities

The list can go on …



The lesson to remember :

To correctly solve an issue, the correct tools should be used.


So, always make sure you :

– analyse the problem or issue at hand

– choose the correct tool

– implement it properly


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