Face to face versus online collaboration.

A project I am currently working in, has it’s team geographically spread over several locations.  We do weekly phone call conferences, but have probably met all together in one room only once.
Overall, I am not too happy with the project’s progress.  Think we have to some extend ignored the importance of face to face meetings.  The building of trust is more difficult and slower using online communication tools, it is much harder to get to know some one.  Also the level of involvement is different, if I look in your eyes and promise something, I will do it, but when I promise over the telephone …

Kathy Sierra talks about it in this (long but interesting) blogpost.
But she managed to boil it all down to this simple picture.


Some magic happens when people meet face to face …


One response to “Face to face versus online collaboration.

  1. I Fully agree. All the communication tools are great to bridge the moments that you see each other F2F. But you need a certain rythm of F2F.
    Trust is a pretty nonverbal thing.

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