KM Survey

Stan Garfield published a Top 50 of KM components in his recent blogpost.
As usual, they are excellently organised in three groups : People, Processes and Technology

I used the different points to make a quick survey of where we are, and this is my score (an a 0 to 4 scale).

People components : 1.9
   we are good in training and documentation, but poor in people systems for surveys, measurements and rewards related to KM

Process components : 1.5
   we have some good methodologies in place for the capturing and sharing of knowledge in normal processes,
   good collaboration and a structured content management system
   but no metrics, quantification, social network analysis and a poor use of taxonomy

Technology components : 1.7
   we have an Intranet 1.0, with good repositories and collaborative team spaces
   we don’t have incentives, metrics, no web 2.0 tools in place like blogs, wikis, …,

Overall, this can be classified as a first generation KM system, focusing at document management and collaboration.  This was the original intend, to give a tool to our technical operations teams worldwide to better manage their documentation and projects
First of all, the use of some components can be improved (online meetins, taxonomy, discussion forums, syndication, …).  I will have to (re-) install some of my communication tools and start preaching again.


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