Trends for the future

An excellent post by Ross Dawson on future online trends.  It includes :

1. Pervasive connectivity :  we will be far more connected, wherever we are
2. Immersive experience :  24” screens, 5 speaker sound and 3D images
3. New interfaces : voice recognition, surface interfaces gesture and facial expression recognition
4. Attention profiling : user filtered content and profiling of our interests and behaviors
5. Do It Yourself apps : recombine the elements of the web to build new applications
6. Social revolution : the online and real worlds will merge 

Trends 1 to 3 are very technical, influencing how we interact with the online world.  The combination of user filtered content and user generated applications (trend 4 and 5) is much more important.  These will allow us (= every individual, individually) to determine ourselves the content and the people we want to interact with.


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