Learning communities – what can we learn from kids

My youngest daughter is 4 years old now.  She counts from 1 to 20, easily, without mistakes. 

Where and how did she learn this ????
 From my wife or from me ? … no way

 In school ? … no way
 From her grand parents ? … no way
 From the neighbours maybe ?? .. no way

So basically we do not have a learning strategy, no best practices, no targets related with bonuses and remuneration, no follow up committees, …

She picks it up from the other girls around her.  There is a very tight group of young girls iin our neighbourhood, all between 2 and 9.  They play together, go to the same school together, have birthday parties, …

She learned it from this group (can I call it a community) by copying what the others do, by her desire to belong to the group, … (just fill in the CoP buzz words).  All this without any pressure, motivation or reward from outside herself, she is only pushed by her own internal motivation.

Is it this simple ?? 
Can we put people with the same interest together, preferably with a different level of maturity in the subject, and will they will automatically pick up from each other (= learning) ?

Or are children smarter than adults ?


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