Using folksonomies to come to collaboration and knowledge sharing

On a collaboration event organised by CMS Channel, Dirk Kenis explained the use of folksonomies to connect people in a network.

"Show me the structure of your information store and I will tell you who you are"

The setup is as follows (see the folksonomies of people describe their expertise. This information is then combined with the relations between the people, resulting in the visualisation of communities, leading to collaboration and knowledge sharing.
The folksonomies are the boundary objects, describing a person as he really is (or wants to be seen by other people). They are the points were personal environments meet.

The strength in my opinion is in the combination of folksonomies (see and networking (see and leveraging this combined information to actual collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Analysis of the tags used and created by a group show specific expertises or can point at gaps in the knowledge base of a team or an organization.


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