Using project knowledge

In the AOK archives I found this contribution from Nancy Dixon about the creation and reuse of project knowledge.
The reuse of project knowledge has always been one of my favourites; and one of the key issues which initiated my involvement in knowledge management.
Nancy created a structured framework for transfering knowledge from one project team to another, carefully combining the use of knowledge databases with social processes.
On the knowledge supply side there is :
 – a ‘Sensemaking’ step, where the knowledge supplying team comes to
          a common understanding of it’s experience
 – a ‘Translation’ step, where this knowledge is reviewed to identify
          the most important and usefull learnings
 – a ‘Spread’ step, where the learnings are captured in a reusable format
On the knowledge demand side we have :
 – a ‘Scanning’ step, knowledge sharing is only possible and relevant when
          there is a demand, a request
 – an ‘Assist’ step, where a team with a question is coached (assisted)
          by the team which supplied their learnings
 – an ‘Adaptation’ step, where the learnings are adapted
          by the new team in the new context this team will operate in

For the knowledge managers, who want to manage the knowledge, you can analyse and manage the knowledge database with the lessons learned.   



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