Nancy Dixon about knowledge sharing (using)

I am (re) reading the book Common knowledge by Nancy Dixon.
The theme of the book is sharing.  Knowledge only has value when it is used and reused.
The book is the result of a research project envolving major companies (among others British Petroleum, the US Army, Ernst & Young, …), where the knowledge sharing processes were studied.
She concludes that three criteria will define which transfer process will be effective :
 – the intended receiver : same team or different team, context
 – the nature of the task : routine or nonroutine job
 – the type of knowledge : from tacit to explicit knowledge
With these criteria, she identifies five knowledge transfert processes :
 – serial transfer : when the same team is using the same knowledge again
 – near transfer : when another team is using the same knowledge in a smilar context
 – far transfer : when tacit knowledge is transferred about a nonroutine task
 – strategic transfer : when large parts of the company are impacted
 – expert transfer : when explicit knowledge is transferred about nonroutine tasks
In the following chapters, each of these transfers is explained in more detail, with practical examples of how the transfer process was implemented in different companies.
What I like so far is the emphasis on the using of knowledge, not so much on the creation of databases with lessons learned.
… to be continued …

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