Getting started with Knowledge Management

How do you get started with Knowledge Management ? 
I hear this question from time to time and it made me think on how we started with knowledge management.  When our first intranet was born, I managed to have a section for the R&D department (where I worked at the time).  It consisted of static webpages, for communication purposes only, and I made regular news items.  However, I consider the real start of Knowledge Management when I was asked to create a list of all our development projects.  At that time the R&D activities were spread over several locations, and simply have an overview of all ongoing projects was already a challenge.  Since a list has only value when it is accessible and updated, a web based system was created, which evolved in a project portfolio management system in the end.  Having a list of project code names was a good start, but then gradually the needs evolved :
  • can we have seamless access to the project key documents
  • can we let the project managers upload the key documents
  • can we create project work spaces where all project documentation can be stored and shared

Concurrently, the Quality Assurance department was looking for other ways to distribute our production procedures and specifications.  They found a way to stop the regular shipments of printed binders to all production sites and started posting on a shared file server.

When the two married together, this was the foundation for our current system, forming an integration of collaboration and document management.  Originating in a ‘lab’ environment (R&D and QA), most other technical departments were not very enthousiast to use it too, also the IT support was not great.  We were tolerated but that was about all. 

Currently, we have a new global platform and more and more people see the benefits and are using the system as a day to day working tool.  My role has changed also, from preaching the benefits, to helping people desing their business processes to make an optimal use of the systems we have now.




One response to “Getting started with Knowledge Management

  1. Over het onderwerp "hoe meet je het succes van kennismanagment" heb ik een bijdrage geleverd op mijn blog

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