Knowledge Management for federal governments.

Our Community of Practice (SuperCop) of knowledge management practioners was introduced to the knowledge management program of the belgian federal government. 
They have in place all the success factors we know from the KM textbooks :
 – management support for the program
 – strategy and vision for knowledge management
 – KM champions in each department
From their KM toolbox covering e-Communities, guides for selfevaluation for a department, structured action plans and more, I was very by the senior-junior process.  They face a structural problem that over 10.000 people in the government adminstration are about to retire.  To ensure an efficient knowledge transfert from the retiring people to the folks that will take over the job, a structured methodology has been created.  When some one, about to retire, is identified as having a specific knowledge which needs to be transferred, a structured process is started to contact this senior person with a junior person who is to take over the job. A formal charter is made up between the two.  Some of the tools used are explicitation of knowledge, question asking, modelling, … And the final accountability is with the head of the department.  He is involved from the beginning and gives his offical ‘go’.
So if you were thinking that government administrations are boring and old fashioned, I can assure, the belgian federal government is setting up some good landmarks in the knowledge management domain.

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