Metrics for knowledge management

In the recent AOK series, a discussion was about measuring the impact of knowledge management, and how important metrics are to justify KM efforts.
Tom Barfield resumes as follows :
‘Unfortunately, what I gather from all this is that no one has developed
really solid key performance indicators (KPI’s) in the area of
connecting people with each other (or other aspects of knowledge
Today, Debra Amidon points to the 2006 Global CEO Study – "Expanding
the Innovation Horizon". :
‘Not only does it make the case for business model and operational
innovation (in addition to the traditional product/service innovation),
it documents the case for collaboration with an economic analysis of
performers and underperformers.’
This Global CEO Study is a bundle of STORIES, from CEOs for CEOs. 
Numbers are OK, but we are convinced only by what is behind the numbers, that is why stories are so important.  My previous blog entry was also about a story, which was better than any measurement one can find.
If you are not familiar with AOK, it stand for ‘Association of Knowledgework’.  Jerry Ash organizes monthly ‘Star Series’, where a KM star initiates a topic and coaches the discussion around it.
Interesting and worth the small contribution required.

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