Transferring knowledge

Last week I was on a whole week training session in North America (London, Ontario).  I was giving the training – or what did you expect 😉 …
The objective was to train one or more expert users in using our document and collaboration systems, in a kind of train the trainer situation.  I train a key group in each continent and then they spread the word in our plants.  Some observations :
 – the amount of available training material is huge : manuals, quick user guides, frequently asked questions, small topic movies, …  I present all this to the expert users, and in the end they asked me to put together a Powerpoint presentation … and this ended up being very powerfull
 – I did several online web meeting sessions upfront, but the whole week physical presence makes a huge difference.  Physical presence generates a much stronger commitment than telephone calls.  Also, it allows to sense the mood of the audience … who is picking up what, who is falling asleep (also important). 
 – I have a lot of stories about the use of our systems and share all these in an easy format other people to use, but somehow they do not easily pick up a story which they have not lived themselves.  I never did a real storytelling masterclass, have been reading some of Steve Dennings material, but I still struggle to make these kind of ‘universal stories’.

One response to “Transferring knowledge

  1. Stories are often not enough to let people pick-up knowledge. ‘Knowing’ things is also ‘feeling’ things. Teaching things is letting the students travel through emotions and items they ‘feel’ – and remember.
    It is already difficult to find universal stories.
    It is even more difficult to create exercises which can be used in the setting – exercises which are not childish, and still are not complex. Exageration and imagination are powerful tools in this context.

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