Good teachers and better teachers …

Joitske Hulsebosch made an interesting post about how she is learning her daughter bicycling.
When comparing the progress both of her daughters are making, she remarks :’the teacher cannot take full credit for a rapid learning process’.  I am currently in a teaching period, and this remark reminds of not to be too vain when students pick up wath you teach them. 

One response to “Good teachers and better teachers …

  1. Interesting. My 9 year old sun was always very reluctant to tie his bootlaces. Het just got a nice pair of white sportshoes. Suddenly he gets interested ans asks to teach him how do it!
    And all of a sudden, he gets interested in reading books, even though I often suggested it to him when he felt bored.
    Lesson learned? If the time isn’t ripe…
    Steven Warmoes

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