Customer support systems

David Snowden recently commented in his weblog about how organizations currently treat their customers (once they payed) : processes preventing human to human interactions.  
His typical story writing style ensures a very good internalisation of the lesson.  You do not only live the story while he tells it, but you also remember similar situation you have been in one day.
I am in such a situation now.  We are using an enterprise content and collaboration system from a leading provider in this area.  The support for this is outsourced to three (no half measures here) major players in the business and systems support industry.  This gives a backup of serveral hunderd thousand of people … but our search is down … for the third week in a row.
The search is a crucial element of our document management system, since with the use of category labels, this allows for easy cross departmental searching, centralised management of critical information and allows the innovation teams to consult documentation from previous projects. 
… but the search is down … I will send a mail (again) to helpdesk … so they can open a ticket and charge me (again) for logging a problem.

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