Expertise location

I got involved today into a new project : the implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System (amazing what one can find on Wikipedia).  It is an IT project to standardize the control of our manufacturing processes on the plant floor.  The system is to be linked with the planning and ERP layers on top of that.  I am not an IT expert, so my role in the project is to be the business expert user, giving the needed business input.  (It is a long time ago, but I still remember how our business operates on the plant floor)
We do not have an expertise locator system in place so how did the organization decide to put me on ??  Well a very basic, but efficient process :
 – one member of the team knows that I am good in our business and have a affinity with IT systems and tools
 – he mentions my name when resources are being allocated
 – my boss contacts me to see whether I am interested and available
 – I have an informal chat with team member to get some info on the what and the how
 – they convince me and so I accept
So apparently a good network of trusted (and trusting) people is a efficient expertise locator.  The cost price is also relatively low : only the price of three beers (well … four ).

One response to “Expertise location

  1. Hi,
    I have come across very interesting techniques for identifying experts in big corporations some years ago. One of the most "powefull" approach/tool you can look at is
    I have presented the approach and the tool to the IT business managers of the Solvay group two years ago, they were very interested and think the approach/tool could help exchanging tacit knowledge between technical people on the front line but were a bit afraid by, what they thought, privacy issues (which can be avoided using the right process).
    Would be happy to share that with you.

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