The Benefit of KM – Revisited


"Until we show our people how collaboration and productivity tools can close more sales or help us meet more deadlines or build better products, they’ll pay only lip service to this stuff." says Rob Preston, VP/Editor In Chief at InformationWeek.


Another way of talking about the benefit of knowledge management is by not looking from the knowledge side as I did in a previous post, but looking from the other side of the coin.
What is the tangible benefit, where is the value created.  Productivity and efficiency are the key words now.  It is nice to have access to more and better information, but it is not the goal.  Business results are !!

Talk the language of the user : how he can do the same things he is doing today, but in a more efficient way.  Reduce the time a user needs day in day out to archive information, to search for the relevant information he needs at this moment, …

Talk the language of management :  how the organisation can work more efficiently.  Reduce the time to market of a new innovation project, by having relevant information and people connected.  Improving sales interactions by powering the front line sale people with (again) the relevant information he needs at this moment, …

Position knowledge management as a tool, introducing processes to improve efficiency is a universal language which is easily understood.





One response to “The Benefit of KM – Revisited

  1. In a very near future intangible assets (know-how, brand, patent, social capital, etc.) will have to be accounted by listed public companies (the others may follow) according to IAS standards being defined for the moment.
    This could provide a good "frameword" (and also a push to show the importance of KM to the high management) for understanding the business value created by KM processes, organisation and tools.

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