About war rooms

What do people have with war rooms ??
The metaphore of ‘We are at war’ often leads to ‘We need a dedicated office for the project team’ and yes, we have a war room.
I attended a project kick off recently and the same scenario again.  For a project which will involved people all around our company (which means all around the world, in about all time zones), a war room will be installed in our headquarters (floor 5).  Pretty useless if you work on this project from our Moskou office.
There was consensus that a central document storage is needed.  And for the rest : e-mail and a war room.
I definitely need to prepare a simple presentation about ‘virtual war rooms’ for document storage, centralised communication and sustainability (they love this word).

One response to “About war rooms

  1. I have been using "eRooms" for years, pretty efficient with remote teams:
    *EMC²/Documentum – Eroom
    *One2Team …

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