Where is the knowledge

I started migrating old project information of our development and innovation teams into our new document management environment.  I currently sits in Outlook public folders, with limited access.  The actual content is very divers, going from emails with questions and remarks, to Technical Reports and Close Out Documents.  Being fairly complete, it gives a good sense of what was going on in these projects.  Some of the project leaders even saved all the ’email read’ confirmations.

In the new environment, all this information will be transparently available for the current R&D and Innovation teams, and fully searchable.  A full text search is a standard feature of our document management system.

The migration itself is a tedious process, with manual folder creation, file drag and drop between different systems, over long connections, …
So I migrate a couple of projects each day, I expect to have completed the whole process within a month or so.

But where is the knowledge ??

Some of hte information is no longer relevant, some people who were involved have moved to other positions or left the company, the technology has changed during the last decade, …

Why do I continue ???  I think that some of this information one day will help a development engineer to easily find a better solution for his acute problem.

I trust him to use the archived information and turn it into usable knowledge again.  I look at the archive as a static information source, where the users can tap into.  It becomes knowledge only when it is successfully used.

My contribution is to unlock this information archive, by migrating it to an accessible environment and by configuring the proper search tools to free up the information.  (From ‘search’ to ‘find’ to ‘unchain’)



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