Preaching Knowledge Management

It has been a busy week, and the next weeks look even worse.

Wednesday I have been preaching (knowledge management of course).  I was invited to run a workshop for our development directors and managers to introduce them to our KM tools.  We are rolling out Livelink from Opentext as our global document management and collaboration tool, and for a number of reasons, they are late on the bus.  I have a collection of presentations with principles and benefits, but I was in for something different.  Actually, it took me over two weeks to figure out what and how.  I started from scratch, did no copy paste and fully went for stories.  I made a selection of about 10 real life stories and examples of people and departments using specific tools and processes.  A non bullet point powerpoint presentation helped me as a road map.  I used some pictures, all drawn by hand, but might go for a non ppt next time…


In the end, I think I convinced them all, but unfortunately, this does not give me less work, … only more … I should get a medal


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