The benefit of Knowledge Management

Many books have been written about Knowledge Management.  The first chapter often gives the definition(s) of knowledge management and why a company should look after it.


Considering that any knowledge is only valuable when it is (re)used, then obviously, the process of transferring knowledge from where it is known to where it is to be used is crucial.  If we simplify this transfert into learning, then the benefit of using knowledge management can very beautifully be visualised as a shift of the learning curve.


 Either we know it faster (time gain) or we know more (knowledge increase).


Think I will use this graphic in the future to demonstrate what knowledge management is about.


(Picked up the graphic from a presentation by Prof Duflou, see previous posting)


PS it took me two days to figure out how to display a picture in a blog, it finally worked, but I have no clue how I did it … still a flat learning curve


One response to “The benefit of Knowledge Management

  1. I agree  with the idea. I usually express it as "KM enhances the learning curve". It also reminds us that it is not enough to transfer explicit knowledge. It has to become tacit knowledge so that it becomes an ability. As we say in Dutch: Kennen moet eerst Kunnen worden.

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