RSS news aggregator

Last week I started with a RSS aggregator to have a better overview of the blogs I want to follow.

I Know I am late … but it is a great tool to use.
Did some testing with Blogexpress and Newsagotor, but I ended up with MyYahoo.

Its is so simple, I was surprised !!!
Simplicity is essential for me, since I am an IT illiterate.

Everything I need to know is simply on a single page, with indications when there has been updates made … this is really great !!

If you need to know more about RSS, simply go to, open an account and create your own, the help page is close to perfect.


I currently follow : Steven Warmoes, Denham Grey, Kathy Sierra, Joitske Hulsebosch and Dilbert.


We not have RSS functionalities in my company’s intranet, but we can easily set up notifications to a document, a folder, a subject, …

These are collected (aggregated) on a specific page of our personal work area, with the option to be notified by email when updates are available (weekly, daily, hourly, … as preferred by the user)

Although I think is not used to it’s full potential.  But of course, since I have to do this, it is now a extra bullet on my task list.   Don’t know however how to show to a couple of thousand people that there is a very usefull tool available for them to use …


One response to “RSS news aggregator

  1. Hi Marnix
    I’m really glad to see your blog. It’s quite promising
    Of course, I added it to my RSS aggregator, which is, surprise surprise, My Yahoo.
    Keep going!

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