Kitchen knowledge

I am a great fan of cooking.
I love to make food, trying out new recipes.
The best, and only the best, are allowed a place in my personal cook book.  This is my knowledge base of lessons learned. 
Today I wanted to prepare dogfish and I discovered two things :
 – no recipes in my database for preparing dogfish
      (although I have prepared it before)
 – I had not added a new recipe this year
      this really scared me, since this means in knowledge management terms
      that I have not been learning anything new this year
anyway, the dogfish now sits in the oven (tomatoes, cream and cheese) and
the new recipe will be tested within half an hour (neighbours as independant juges)
… maybe it will be added to the book
To compensate for my not learning, i did some teaching (coaching) … the girls
helped to prepare lunch (they are between 3 and 9)
the complete menu looks like this :
 – eggs with anchovy paste
 – potatoe salade
 – dogfish
 – chocolate pudding
maybe a bottle of white wine !!

One response to “Kitchen knowledge

  1. your girls are between 3 and 6

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