Family KM

A peacefull family scene : my oldest daughter (6y) is playing quietly in her bed room.
… too quietly … ?
She turns out to be making drawings and scriblings on the walls of her bedroom.
What follows is a not so quiet intervention from my wife, ending in a  crying session of my daughter.
End of story ???
During lunch, my wife asks my daughter :
 – tell papa what happened this morning
 – what do you think about this … was this a good thing to do
 – what will you do in the future … what do you remember
What struck me is that my wife was doing an After Action Review (see Learning to Fly from Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell). 
Here is the rest of the conversation :
 – Do you know you are using one the fundamental tools of knowledge management : an AAR
 – I do not care how you call it, as long as she understands not to do this again
!!! And I am supposed to be the knowledge manager at home. !!!
PS : the drawings remain on the wall as an explicit reminder of this lesson learned.

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